A/C Condenser Freightliner OEM# RD43197-0 A22-25225-0

A/C Condenser Freightliner OEM# RD43197-0 A22-25225-0

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Product Description

Freightliner, 1986 1972, FLC, All w/serpentine type w/o’ring fittings (15x27), OEM# A22-14434-1

1986 1972 WFC, All w/serpentine type w/o’ring fittings (15x27), OEM# PB1055, 306235

Navistar, 1998 1977, S Series, w/Red Dot aftermarket unit w/OE# RD439170

Volvo GM, 1985 1975, WFL, All w/serpentine type cond. (o-ring type, OEM# RD4-3197-0, A22-14434-1, A22-17483-0

Western Star, 1985 1975, All, Serpentine Type 15” x 27” (O-Ring Type), OEM# A22-14434-1, A22-25255-0, A22-17483-0


Application: Multi Fit Applications

Description: A/C Condenser/Freightliner

Height: 14 5/8''

Length: 27''

Inlet: #8 MIO

Outlet: #6 MIO

Type: Tube-Fin

Fitting Style: Male Insert O-ring

OEM Number: RD43197-0; A22-25225-0

Product Name: Condenser

Refrigerant Type: R12/R134a

O-Ring #1: 16-4208

O-Ring #2: 16-4206

Thickness: 3/4''

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We carry a full line of Sanden compressors, Seltec/Valeo compressors along with all other brands for Freightliner, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo/GM Trucks, Caterpillar, buses, RV's and vans.

INTERCHANGE: 6034 N83-306235 160012 PA1005 PA1370 PA1445 PB1055 ZGG11436 ZGG11436 A22-14434-1 A22-17483-0 A22-25255-0 1518001 1599002 1691714-C91 77R-1100 RD4-3197-0 RD4-3917-0 3086000 3918297

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