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Blower Motor ABPN83-301361 HA1060
Blower Motor ABPN83-301361 HA1060
Blower Motor ABPN83-301361 HA1060
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Product Description

Freightliner 1993 1989, Model: FLC, FLT, All w/main unit - 12v CCW, OEM#: ABPN83-301361, A22-21403-001

1988 1978, Model: FLC,FLD, FLT, All main Unit w/Red Dot, Single Shaft,

Mack 1993 1988, Model: CS, All CS/MS Midliner models w/Behr A/C,

1993 1988, Model: MS, w/Behr A/C,

SLEEPER, 1994 1987, All, Unit - R-4120 Combo & Htr.only,

1994 1987, All, Unit - R-4120 Combo & Htr.only,

Peterbilt 2001 1997, All w/main A/C unit w/Bergstrom,

Western Star 2001 1985, Model: 48-4900, 5800, 5900, 6900, Sleeper models w/Red Dot unit (ccw, vented),

Application: Freightliner Trucks

Description: Blower Motor

Volts: 12V

Length: 4.75'' (OA Body)

Wire Type: 2 wires

Motor Diameter: 3''

Motor Length: 3.88''

Mount Type: Stud

OEM Number: A22-21403-000, N83-301141

Product Name: Blower Motor

Rotation: CCW

Shaft Length: 1.63''

Shaft Type: Single (5/16'' dia)

Speed(s): 1

Mounting Stud Distance: 2.31''

Vent: Vented

INTERCHANGE: 3402, N83-301761, N83-301951, N83301761, N83301951, HA1035, HA10350, HA1040, 2809-541-113, 2809-541113, 2809541113, ZGG701022, A22-21403-001, A22-21403001, A2221403001, 1012004, 1099022, 3486-809-03-00-019, 3486-809-03-00019, 3486-809-0300019, 3486-8090300019, 34868090300019, BSM203133, 73R-0402, RD5-6526-1, 73R0402, RD56526-1, RD565261, PF2644Q, PF2645Q, PV2644Q, PM3450, PM3634, 203133

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