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Control Sensor Freightliner OEM# BOA80-942-01-695
Blower Switch Freightliner OEM# ABPN83 322540
Protection Switch CM820 OEM# 22-42273-002
Temperature Probe Sensor Freightliner OEM# BOA91619
Evaporator Temperature Probe Freightliner OEM# VCCT83000036
Duct Sensor Assembly FREIGHTLINER OEM# BOAD2512
Discharge Air Sensor Freightliner OEM# BOA91593
Evaporator Temperature Probe FREIGHTLINER OEM# VCCT1000902E
Control Temperature Sensor FREIGHTLINER OEM# VCCT1000903U
Control Switch Freightliner OEM# BOA98213
Temperature Probe Sensor International (Navistar) OEM# 3599601-C1
APADS Module MACK OEM# RD5-10771-0
APADS Control Module Index OEM# 3099497
APADS Control Module Index OEM# 20357741
C.T.C.TM Resistor Kit OEM# RD6-4661-1
Sleeper Control Red Dot OEM# RD5-3725-0
CTC Resistor Diode OEM# RD-6-4691-0
APADS Control Module CM813-ECM OEM# 228RD31
APADS Control Module Index CM813  OEM# 3503577-C91
Electrical Solenoid OEM# 221410
Solenoid Switches Buses & Vans OEM# 201-803
Solenoid Switches Buses & Vans OEM# 404084
Solenoid Switch Freightliner
Solenoid Switches Kenworth OEM# BA1225
Solenoid Switches Kenworth OEM# BB1010
Air Solenoid Valve OEM# RD5-0060-0
Superheat Switch Kit Chevrolet GMC OEM# 6599306
Sensor Probe Volvo OEM# 85120286
Navistar Harness Assembly (can replace OEM# 3548043-C1)
Blower Switch Kit
Ambient Sensor Freightliner OEM # 22-72747-000
Sensor Probe-Freightliner OEM # VCCT1001844V
ACU Controller-Freightliner OEM # B0A91596
Blower/Potentiometer Switch Freightliner OEM # BOAA5029; 22-54717-000
INDEX Solenoid 8043012P
INDEX Solenoid 8043015P
Fan Switch-Carrier AC
SENSOR/PACCAR  Kenworth-Peterbilt Trucks
Air Temp Sensor/Freightliner OEM #: 06-74220-000
Evaporator Temperature Sensor OEM Number: BOADF747001
Thermistor Switch OEM #: RDHRD359140
Thermistor Switch OEM #: RDHRD581310
Temperature Sensor OEM #: BOA84032461001
Diode 6A/CARRIER Bus