Filter Drier Mack OEM# 221RD333

Filter Drier Mack OEM# 221RD333

Item# 07-1206A
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Product Description

Filter Drier Mack OEM# 221RD333

2003 1993, MH, All models w/side sw.port, moisture ind., OEM# 221RD333

1993 1983, MH, All w/o’ring w/female sw.port; (w/o switches, OEM# 221RD312, (use #11-11206 low press. #11-1207 high press.)

1997 1993, All w/o’ring w/female sw.port; w/o switches, OEM# 221RD333, (use #11-1206 low press. #11-1207 high press.)

TAC# 07-1206A

Dia. - 3"

Lgth. - 9"

3/8" x 3/8" Male O'ring

Top Sight Glass

Pressure Relief Valve

Side Switch Port

Moisture Indicator

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INTERCHANGE: JA1260 1915003 088080-00 74R-3056 RD5-5588-0 176238 7164 N83-319630 N83-319632 540098 JA2110 1915004 221RD333 088254-00 088254-01 74R-3346 RD5-8240-0 176239

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