Freon Sensor International (Navistar) OEM# 3548043-C1

Freon Sensor International (Navistar) OEM# 3548043-C1

Item# 11-0834
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Product Description

2007 2001, All 4000 Series, Freon Thermister Sensor, OEM# 3548043-C1

2006 2001, 4000, Freon Thermister, OEM# 3622764-C2

2007 2002, All 7000 Series, Freon Thermister, OEM# 3622764-C2

2006 2001, All 8000 Series, Freon Thermister, OEM# 3622764-C1

TAC# 11-0834

Freon Sensor

Navistar 3548043-C1

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INTERCHANGE: 1400 2213014 3548043-C1 3548043-C2 3622764-C1 3622764-C2 651184BSM

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