Pressure Switch Ford / Sterling OEM# F3DH-19D594AA

Pressure Switch Ford / Sterling OEM# F3DH-19D594AA

Item# 11-0416
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Product Description

2001 1998, All Ford L-Series AND Sterling A-AT, Acterra, L- Line 5500, 6500, 7500, 8500, Silverstar, Pressure switch (4 term. Trinary type), OEM# F3DH-19D594AA, F3DZ-19D594AA, F5CZ-19D594AA

TAC# 11-0416

Application: Ford/Sterling Trucks

Binary High Pressure Switch-Metric


Type of Operation: MP=238-330psi HP=237-464psi

Refrigerant Type: R134a

Fitting Thread Size: Female M10-1.25

4 Terminal

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INTERCHANGE: 1431 F3DH-19D594AA F3DZ-19D594AA F5CH-19D594AA F5CH-19E561AA F5CZ-19D594AA

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