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Finding what you want is simple. ENTER THE PART NO. IN THE SEARCH BOX AND CLICK "GO" (example: 4480 or N83-304122). If you enter the brand name in conjunction with the number, you will get all items under that brand. You can also enter a manufacturer's number or interchange #'s, as they are also built into each unit's database. (IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PART NO., you can use the Part Identifiers in the navigation bar above.)

Heater Core Red Dot R9750 Units (50-9735 / 50-9736)
Heater Core Red Dot R2020 Heater (50-9868)
Heater Core Red Dot R8545 Units (50-9743 / 50-9744)
Heater Core Mack OEM# 4379-RD1-0615-1 4379-RD1-0615-0
Heater Core Mack OEM# 4379-RD1-0693-0
Heater Core Mack OEM# 4379-RD1-0699-0
Heater Core Mack OEM# 4379-RD1-0550-0
Heater Core Mack R-Model R8820-2 OEM# RD1-0958-0
Heater Core Kenworth OEM# RD1-0147-1
Heater Core Kenworth OEM# RD1-0297-0 MC1090 - DISCONTINUED
Heater Core Ford L Series OEM# RD10680-0 76R3900
Heater Core Peterbilt OEM# RD1-0715-0 MC1100
Heater Core Freightliner OEM# MC1255  RD1-0755-0
Heater Core Freightliner OEM# MC1150 RDH-RD1-0563-0
Heater Core Peterbilt OEM# RD1-0574-1 MC1060
Heater Core Peterbilt OEM# RD1-0650-0 MC1025
Heater Core Western Star OEM# 60003-4405 RD1-0460-1