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Finding what you want is simple. ENTER THE PART NO. IN THE SEARCH BOX AND CLICK "GO" (example: 4480 or N83-304122). If you enter the brand name in conjunction with the number, you will get all items under that brand. You can also enter a manufacturer's number or interchange #'s, as they are also built into each unit's database. (IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PART NO., you can use the Part Identifiers in the navigation bar above.)

Blower Relay Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 3989214 1115858
Blower Relay Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 14089936 221655
Blower Relay Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 15670651
Blower Relay Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 12140647 12077864
Blower Relay Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 19115080
Blower Relay Ford Sterling OEM# F5RZ-14N089CB
Blower Relay Freightliner OEM# 680-545-00-05
Blower Relay Freightliner OEM# VF2815F24S01
Blower Relay Freightliner OEM# VF2815F14S01
Blower Relay Freightliner OEM# 23-13265-000
Blower Relay Freightliner OEM# 680-13674AA
Blower Relay International (Navistar) OEM# 447186-C1 - DISCONTINUED
Blower Relay International (Navistar) OEM# 1661657-C1
Blower Relay NAVISTAR OEM# 2503522-C1
Blower Relay International (Navistar) OEM# 3519350C9
Blower Relay International (Navistar) OEM# 3600330-C1
Blower Relay International (Navistar) OEM# 3600329-C1
Blower Relay Kenworth OEM# RD4370-0
Blower Relay Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 25520198 14100455
Blower Relay Kenworth OEM# RD5-5027-1 CB1010
Blower Relay  OEM# 652420BSM
Blower Relay OEM# 650690 RD5-47717-0
Blower Relay Universal Red Dot OEM# VF4-65F11-SO5
Blower Relay Universal Red Dot OEM# VF4-65F11-SO5 24V
Blower Relay Universal Red Dot OEM#
Blower Relay Universal Red Dot OEM#
Blower Switch Chevrolet/GMC OEM# 15591178
Blower Relay  OEM# VF4A-65H11 24V
Blower Relay BUSES & VANS OEM# 10-00328-00 112029
Blower Relay BUSES & VANS OEM# AC201-806
Transducer Switch GMC PU/VAN OEM# 22634172
Resistor Ford Sterling OEM# 4C2Z-19A706AA
Heater Discharge Sensor International Navistar OEM# 3612055-C3
Navistar Relay OEM# 3607384-C1 3607384C1
 RELAY 24V OEM# AZ97311C24DC3D2
INDEX Relay 8043007P
INDEX Relay 8043009P
Blower Relay OEM# 88098-32
70A Hi-Speed Relay with Connector & Wires
Hi Speed Relay Connector & Wires/Carrier AC
Low Speed Relay Connector & Wires/Carrier AC
Med.Speed Relay Connector & Wires/Carrier AC
Clutch Relay Connector & Wires/Carrier AC
Comp. Relay Connector & Wires/Carrier AC
Relay Connector Lock/Carrier AC
Relay Assortment
70A Hi-Speed Relay w/Connector and harness with fuse
Transducer Switch
Transducer Switch