T/CCI Style Compressor ET210L-25150

T/CCI Style Compressor ET210L-25150

Item# 03-3002E
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Product Description

T/CCI Style Compressor for the following applications:

Ford / Sterling, 2002 1998, All w/T/CCI without clutch, w/oe# ET210L25150

Freightliner, 2003 2001, All T/CCI HD w/Tube-O’ring - no clutch, ET210L-25150, (supplied with ester oil) ET210L-25063, ET210L-21097, ABN83-304061, 22-41170-000, CFC/ET210L-25150S

International (Navistar), 2001 1993, All T/CCI H/D w/Tube-O w/T/CCI tag no. ET210L-xxxxxx, 2000820-C91,2502459-C91, 1-9254, 417887-C93, 488-21909, 488-25063, 554712-C91

Kenworth, All, T/CCI HD w/Tube-O’ring fitting; w/o serv vlvs, ET210L-25150, 688-21572, 488-25030C, LC1105, LC1135

Mack, All T/CCI Heavy Duty w/Tube-O’ring fittings, ET210L-25150, 793-25150,

Peterbilt, All T/CCI Heavy Duty w/Tube-O’ring fittings, ET210L-25150, LC2120, LC1130, LC1010

Volvo GM, T/CCI / York w/Tube-O’ring fittings, ET210L-25150,

Western Star, T/CCI H/D w/Tube-O’ring fittings, ET210L-25150

TAC# 03-3002E


Manufacturer: T/CCI (York Style)

Manufacturer #: ET210L-25150

Application: Multi Fit Applications

Description: CCI Tube-O Comp

Clutch Diameter: w/o CLUTCH

Belt Type: w/o CLUTCH

No. Comp. Cylinders: 2 cyl

Comp. Displacement (ci): 10 c.i.

Factory Oil Charge: 14 oz oil

Fitting Port Position: LH SUCTION

Fitting Style: 1''-14

Head Type: TUBE-O

Wire Type: None

Replacement Clutch Assy.: w/o CLUTCH

Model: ET210L

Oil Type: PAG100

Product Name: Compressor

Refrigerant Type: R12/R134a

Rotation: CW/CCW

O-Ring #1: 16-4224

O-Ring #2: 16-4224

Shaft Type: Keyed shaft

All Our Parts are Brand New and covered by the Original Equipment Manufacturer's Warranty

We carry a full line of Sanden compressors, Seltec/Valeo compressors along with all other brands for Freightliner, Ford, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Volvo/GM Trucks, Caterpillar, Bus, RV and Van AC parts.

INTERCHANGE: ET21025150 N83-304145 2586313-C91 75R-7140 RD5-8682-0 ET209L-25184 N83304145 2586313C91 75R7140 RD586820 ET209L25184 5256 N83-304031 N83-304061T N83304031 N83304061T 525742 LC1010 LC1015 LC1020 LC1130 LC2100 ZGG19254 D4FZ-19703B D9ZZ-19V703A 22-41170-000 22-47510-000 488-21001 CFCET210L-25150S D4FZ19703B D9ZZ19V703A 2241170000 2247510000 48821001 CFCET210L25150S 1402002 1411002 206RD34 793-25150 1-9254 2000820-C91 2502459-C91 417887-C93 468323-C91 468323-C92 554712-C91 488-21097 488-21909 K318-119 K318-119-3 K318-137-2 K318-137-3 K318-149-2 75R-7240 75R-7270 75R-7290 RD5-7101-0 RD5-8638-0 488-25150 488-25150S ET210L-21097 ET210L-21909 ET210L-25063 ET210L-25150 ET210L-25186 79325150 19254 2000820C91 2502459C91 417887C93 468323C91 468323C92 554712C91 48821097 48821909 K318119 K3181193 K3181372 K3181373 K3181492 75R7240 75R7270 75R7290 RD571010 RD586380 48825150 48825150S ET210L21097 ET210L21909 ET210L25063 ET210L25150 ET210L25186 3949850 688-21946 68821946

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