Thermostatic Switch International (Navistar) OEM# 581691-C1

Thermostatic Switch International (Navistar) OEM# 581691-C1

Item# 11-3093
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Product Description

1984 1973, 4000 Series, All 4070, 4200, 4300 w/cable oper, OEM# 581691-C1

2000 1997, 5000 Series, All models w/cable oper., OEM# 581691-C1, BD1055, ZGG12028

1996 1977, 5000 Series, All w/o Shutters; w/cable oper., OEM# 581691-C1, BSM323003, ZGG12028

1996 1974, 5000 Series, All w/Shutters; w/cable oper., OEM# 454347-C1, 592231-C1, BSM323003

1995 1981, 7100 Series, All models w/cable oper., OEM# 581691-C1

1999 1997, 9100-9400 Series, Day Cab models w/cable oper., OEM# 851691-C1

1995 1981, 9000 Series, All models w/cable oper., OEM# 581691-C1

1996 1977, 9300, 9400, 9600, 9700 Series, w/Shutters (Refer to TECH TIP below), OEM# 454347-C1, 592231-C1, BSM323003

All Models w/rotary control switch, 24 cap tube, OEM# C2-13011

Mack, 1986 1982, MH Ultraliner, All models w/cable operated, OEM# 3230-22533

TAC# 11-3093

Cable Operated

42" Cap. Tube

Cuts in 40 F, cuts out 30 F


TECH TIP: Modification required. O.E. Models equipped w/shutters have a 3 terminal thermostatic switch which turns on the fan when the A/C is engaged. This switch has been discontinued, and is replaced with a 2 terminal switch. A high pressure switch (P/N #11-2025) must also be installed on the high side of the system, with lead wired to the fan clutch circuit in order to operate fan & shutters. This may require the use of a charging port/hose splicer in order to mount the pressure switch. If installed into high pressure hose (size 13/32) use P/N 08-3022. If installed into liquid hose (size 5/16) use P/N 08-3021.

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INTERCHANGE: 1328 N83-323003 650149 JA1815 9533N405 9537N301 ZGG11837 ZGG11837 ZGG716008 3230-22533 4379-RD4226-43 454347-C1 581687-C1 581691-C1 592231-C1 71R-2800 RD5-4917-0 3949282

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