Thermostatic Switch Mack OEM# 7979-404075

Thermostatic Switch Mack OEM# 7979-404075

Item# 11-3085
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Product Description

Mack, 1989-1976, R, U, DM. Models, w/Kysor Mini Brute A/C, OEM# 7979-404075

Ford Sterling, 1972 1967, F Series, All w/Factory A/C (Knob Type), OEM# D0TZ-19618-A

International (Navistar), All models, w/rotary control switch, 24 cap tube, OEM# C2-13011

TAC# 11-3085

Application: Multi Fit Applications

Thermostat Switch

A/C Thermostat-Rotary

12 Volts

OEM: 7979-404075

Type of Operation: Knob

Refrigerant Type: R12/R134a

Cut in 34 F, Cut out 16 F

24" Capillary Tube

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INTERCHANGE: 1318 N83-323088 BD1405 9533N395 9533N415 9533N416 D0TZ-19618A A42623 2375001 7979-404075 71R-2100 RD5-4909-0

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