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Finding what you want is simple. ENTER THE PART NO. IN THE SEARCH BOX AND CLICK "GO" (example: 4480 or N83-304122). If you enter the brand name in conjunction with the number, you will get all items under that brand. You can also enter a manufacturer's number or interchange #'s, as they are also built into each unit's database. (IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE PART NO., you can use the Part Identifiers in the navigation bar above.)

Control Knob OEM # 71R4030
Control Knob OEM # 71R4060
A/C Control Knob OEM# 71R4040
Control Knob OEM # 71R4050
Control Knob OEM # 380064
Control Knob OEM # 71R4020
Control Knob OEM #22-44270-001
Control Knob OEM #BOA80-605-00-099
Control Knob OEM# 28-51602
Control Knob OEM #: 2575006
Control Knob OEM #: 2575005
A/C Control Assembly OEM# ABPN83-322930
AC Control OEM #: A22-54708-214
A/C Louver OEM #: 3275004
A/C Louver OEM #: RD5-5552-0
A/C Louver OEM #: RD4340-0
A/C Louver OEM #: 446987-C1
A/C Louver OEM #: 3299029
Control Panel Assy for Add-on AC
Control Panel Assy for Add-on AC