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We offer Air Conditioning and Heating Parts and Units from MEI Airsource, Sanden, Seltec, Denso, T/CCI and more. Air conditioning clutches and pulley identification can be accomplished by taking measurements of your air conditioning clutches or pulleys and comparing them to our air conditioning clutches and pulley specifications. You can check our Parts Identifier section for help in identifying part numbers.

Another method is to cross reference the Original Equipment part/service numbers for your air conditioning clutches and pulleys that may or may not be stamped on the air conditioning clutches and pulleys or on the package of the last air conditioning clutches and pulley purchased. The air conditioning clutches and pulley used on a particular truck depends on the type of compressor selected from an option list when the truck was first assembled.

To assure you get the correct AC Delco, Motorcraft or MEI Airsource air conditioning clutch and pulley the first time, it is important to identify the type of air conditioning compressor the air conditioning clutches and pulleys will be used on and the characteristics or specifications of the air conditioning clutch and pulley. If you do not know the OEM Part Number, check for numbers on the air conditioning clutch or pulley to help identify the air conditioning clutch or pulley. Otherwise the following information will be needed air conditioning clutches and pulleys for the job.

1. Air Conditioning Compressor Make and Model.
2. Voltage of the air conditioning clutch or pulley.
3. Diameter of the air conditioning clutch or pulley.
4. Number of Grooves and Width of Drive Belt on the air conditioning clutch and pulley.
5. Distance of Gauge Line on the air conditioning clutch or pulley.

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