Sanden 4785 Dodge

Sanden 4785 Dodge

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2002 1995, T-300 RAM, 5.9L gas, 8.0L gas, V10, PV7, 130mm Dia.


Manufacturer #: 4785

Application: Dodge Trucks

Description: A/C Compressor/DODGE PU

Volts: 12V

Clutch Diameter: 130mm

No. of Grooves: 7 groove

Belt Type: Serpentine

No. Comp. Cylinders: 7 cyl

Comp. Displacement (ci): 9.5

Factory Oil Charge: 210cc Oil

Fitting Port Position: Top

Fitting Style: Chrysler Pad

Head Type: GF

Wire Type: 2 Wire Chrysler #4687921

Replacement Clutch Assy.: NSS

Replacement Head Assy: NSS

Model: SD7H15HD

Mounting Type: SD7 Direct T300

Oil Type: PAG100

Product Name: Compressor

Refrigerant Type: R134a

Rotation: CW

O-Ring #1: NSS

O-Ring #2: NSS

Shaft Type: Involute Spline 13X24X0.5

Diode Protection:

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