FORD Compressor & Clutch OEM# E45Z-19V703K

FORD Compressor & Clutch OEM# E45Z-19V703K

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1987 1986, All AEROSTAR, w/2.3, 2.8L (w/6 groove clutch), OEM# E45Z-19V703K

1988 1983, All BRONCO II, RANGER, FS6 Comp., 4 cyl. (w/6 groove clutch), OEM# E45Z-19V703K

1988 1988, F150-500, w/FS6, w/4.9/5.0/5.8/7.5L (w/6 groove clutch), OEM# E45Z-19V703K


Application: Ford/Sterling Trucks

Description: FS6 Compressor/6GR Clutch

Volts: 12V

Clutch Diameter: 123.8mm

No. of Grooves: 6 groove

Belt Type: Serpentine

No. Comp. Cylinders: 6 cyl

Comp. Displacement (ci): 10.4

Factory Oil Charge: Check label instructions

Fitting Port Position: Body

Fitting Style: uses Manifold

Wire Type: Plug

Replacement Clutch Assy.: 02-0416

Model: FS6

Mounting Type: Ear mount

OEM Number: E45Z-19V703K

Oil Type: PAG46

Product Name: Compressor

Refrigerant Type: R134a

O-Ring #1: 16-4232

O-Ring #2: 16-4232

Shaft Type: Keyed shaft

Diode Protection: None

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INTERCHANGE: 5455 N83-304037 N83304037 LE1455 ZGG705095 1405001 75R-8907 75R8907 ZGG705068 E45Z-19V703K E45Z19V703K

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