Filter Drier Freightliner International (Navis)

Filter Drier Freightliner International (Navis)

Item# 07-0611A
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Product Description

NEW Filter Drier for Freightliner 2000 1993 FLD112,120; CLASSIC XL, w/QD drier, R134a, w/2 (M10) sw port, MI, HPRV, OEM PH088336-00, 07-0611A, ABPN83-319610

International (Navistar) 1992 1977 All w/Quick Disc. drier, R134a, w/2 M10 ports, OEM 2004050-C1

TAC# 07-0611A

Dia. - 3"

Lgth. - 10"

Quick Disconnect

Top Sight Glass

(2) Schrader Valves - M10

Moisture Indicator; R134a Only

All Our Parts are Brand New and covered by Manufacturer's Warranty

INTERCHANGE: 540073 2004050-C1 74R-3319 RD5-10741-0 7168 N83-319610 N83-319624 N83-319625 N83-319724 N83-319725 JA2020 PH088336-00 1912007 1913005 088336-00 088336-01 088536-00 088536-01 74R-3310 74R-3318 74R-3321 74R-3323 RD5-8008-0 176234 3949129

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