High Pressure Switch International (Navistar) OEM# 1651985-C1

High Pressure Switch International (Navistar) OEM# 1651985-C1

Item# 11-0817
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Case / IH, All Models, High press; N/C 100-250 psi 1/4 SAE, OEM# 1999925-C1

International (Navistar), 1993 1982, 9300, 9400, High press sw. w/T/CCI Comp. & shutters, OEM# 581686-C1

International (Navistar), 1992 1977, S-Series, High pressure NC switch, OEM# 1651985-C1

International (Navistar), 1998 1989, 7100, High pressure NC switch std. thread, OEM# 1651984-C1

International (Navistar), 1998 1977, 8000, High pressure NC shutter switch, OEM# 1651985-C1, 581686-C1, BB1410

TAC# 11-0817

Manufacturer #: 20PS40-2

Application: Navistar Trucks

High Pressure Switch w/Harness

OEM 1651985-C1

Type of Operation: N.O.

Refrigerant Type: R12

Fitting Thread Size: Female 1/4"

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INTERCHANGE: 1482 N83-318050 650597 1999925C1 BB1125 BB1410 2213003 1651985-C1 176218 176221

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